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Design and Automation
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Automate your workflow with integrated design and test

Increase speed and efficiency by automating your testing. Saluki combines hardware integrates seamlessly with software to ensure you get the best results with a test automation framework.

Product and Services

Spectrum Analyzers 

S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 44GHz)                         S3331 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 3.6GHz / 7.5GHz)

S3332 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 1.6GHz / 3.2GHz)          S3531 series spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 1.8GHz / 3.0GHz)

S3532 series spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 3.6GHz / 7.5GHz)               S3503 series signal / spectrum analyzer (up to 50GHz)

Signal Generators

S1131 RF signal generator (100kHz to 30GHz)                                  S1465 series signal generator

S1465V series signal generator                                                         SAV102NB-IoT moduloar signal generator

Vector Network Analyzers

S3602 series vector network analyzer (max. 67GHz)

S3601 series vector network analyzer (10MHz to 3GHz/8.5GHz)

SAV364X series VNA extension modular (max. 325GHz)

Optical Instruments

SFS-2000 fusion splicer                                                                    SFS-1000 fusion splicer

S2104 optical time domain reflectometer                                           S2102 optical time domain reflectometer


MSO1000 mixed signal oscilloscope                                                 HDSO1000 series oscilloscope

DSO2000 seies oscilloscope                                                            DSO3000 seies oscilloscope

DSO4000 seies oscilloscope                                                            SAG1000 arbitrary function generator


OSL-precision open / short / load                                                     Precision calibration kit

3.5mm VNA OSL mechanical calibration kit