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Enhance your subscribers' experience

   Deliver secure and connected 5G services using Saluki’s deep technology in software-defined test and measurement that ensure signals and data flow as they should from device to edge to network core. 5G capabilities unlock new business models, revenue streams, and provide service differentiation that can increase average revenue per user. Saluki can help optimize your network.

QoE MEASUREMENT AND OPTIMIZATION --- Subscriber QoE is a key differentiator in the highly-competitive mobile network operator business segment. Your customers demand fast broadband connections, and they have no patience for dead zones or dropped calls. Pair this with our RF and microwave analyzer and extend the drive test solution to measure cell coverage and beam tracking for new 5G standards. Optimizing your network means evaluating dynamic network scenarios. Using our channel emulation tools you can measure real data in the field, emulate channel behavior, or a combination of both.

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Signal/ Spectrum Analyzers

S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to max.44GHz)              S3331 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 3.6GHz/7.5GHz)

S3332 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 1.6GHz/3.2GHz)        S3531 series spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 1.8GHz/3GHz)

S3532 series spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 3.6GHz/7.5GHz)             S3503 series signal/spectrum analyzer (up to 50GHz)

SAV502 NB-I0T modular signal analyzer (4GHz)                             SAV102 NB-I0T modular signal analyzer (6GHz)

Vector Network Analyzers

S3601 series vector network analyzer (10MHz to 3GHz/8.5GHz)     

S3602 series vector network analyzer (max. 67GHz)

SAV364X series VNA extension module (max. 325GHz)

NETWORK EMULATION FOR DEVICE ACCEPTANCE TESTING --- Your subscribers rely on their devices, which is where their quality of experience begins and ends. Evaluate device compliance to regulatory emission standards, conformance to 3GPP standards, and your own acceptance tests with a lab-based network emulation solution. Our product measures RF performance and remote radio management (RRM) behavior with a high degree of parameterization and integrated test automation, providing you with feedback about both the RF and mmWave parametric performance of the radio.

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Signal/ Spectrum Analyzers

S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to max.44GHz)              S3331 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 3.6GHz/7.5GHz)                    

S3332 handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 1.6GHz/3.2GHz)        S3531 series spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 1.8GHz/3GHz)     

Signal Generators

S1131 RF signal generator (100kHz to 3GHz)                                 S1465 series signal generator (100kHz to 67GHz)

S1465V series signal generator (100kHz to 67GHz)                        SAV102 NB-IoT modular signal generator (6GHz)

HIGH-SPEED DIGITAL CORE TRANSPORT AND SWITCHING --- 5G network carry much more data than previous mobile technologies - Cisco predicts IP traffic will grow at a 24% CAGR from 2016 to 2021. Core transport networks, both long-haul and metro, as well as switching and routing devices need to support dramatically higher data rates to deliver the promise of 5G. Your choice in core network speed matters for scaling. 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G, 400GbE) technology delivers more efficient core network speeds through higher-order modulation formats and faster symbol rates.

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Oscilloscope & Generators

MSO1000 mixed signal oscilloscope                                                HDSO1000 series oscilloscope

DSO2000 seies oscilloscope                                                           DSO3000 seies oscilloscope

DSO4000 seies oscilloscope                                                           SAG1000 arbitrary function generator