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S5105 Series Microwave Multifunctional Analyzer (18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz)

S5105 series microwave multifunctional analyzer has the wide frequency range from 30kHz to 40GHz. It integrates multiple functions which can provide you with powerful comprehensive test capabilities.


Key Features

Spectrum analysis

Power monitoring

Vector network analysis

Field strength measurement

Vector voltage measurement

Cable and antenna feeder test

Data storage, playback and comparison functions

Intergrate USB, LAN and other interfaces


Radar performance test

Cable TV and Wireless communication


With frequency range of 18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz, S5105D/E/F microwave multifunctional analyzers integrate multiple functions such as dual-port vector network analysis, cable and antenna feeder test, vector voltage measurement, spectrum analysis (channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, interference analysis and frequency counting), field strength measurement and power measurement, providing you with powerful comprehensive test capabilities.

Dual-port vector network analysis can make comprehensive RF network parameters measurement quickly and accurately, providing logarithmic, linear, phase, group delay, impedance chart, polar coordinate, SWR and other display formats, and providing time domain measurement options. 

Cable and antenna feeder test can measure the SWR, return loss, impedance, cable loss and other parameters of microwave networks such as antenna feeders, transmission lines and cables, and can conveniently measure impedance discontinuity points in feeders and cables, with DTF function.

Vector voltage measurement adopts an integrated solution instead of the traditional vector voltmeter to accurately test the electrical length of cables and some other devices under test.

Spectrum analysis is a spectrum analyzer with standard functions, which can measure the spectrum characteristics comprehensively in an electromagnetic environment.

Field strength measurement has a friendly user interface and high test sensitivity. With the corresponding test antenna, it can effectively monitor the electromagnetic spectrum and is widely used in space electromagnetic environment monitoring and radio management.

USB power sensor is configured to achieve large dynamic range and high-precision power measurement, and can also carry out power monitoring through the spectrum input port. 

Technical Specifications

Cable & Antenna Feeder Test
Frequency Range30kHz - 18GHz30kHz - 26.5GHz50MHz - 40GHz
Frequency Accuracy±1×10-6
Power LevelLarge, small
Data Points101, 201, 401, 601, 801, 1001, 1601, 4001, 10001
Effective Directivity30dB - 40dB30dB - 38dB28dB - 35dB
Vector Network Analysis
Frequency Range30kHz - 18GHz30kHz - 26.5GHz50MHz - 40GHz
Frequency Accuracy±1×10-6
Power RangeLarge, small, manual
Effective Directivity30dB - 40dB30dB - 38dB28dB - 35dB
Power Monitoring
Frequency Range100kHz - 18GHz100kHz - 26.5GHz100kHz - 40GHz
Power Range-60dBm to +20dBm-60dBm to +20dBm-50dBm to +20dBm
Spectrum Analysis
Frequency Range100kHz - 18GHz100kHz - 26.5GHz100kHz - 40GHz
Resolution Bandwidth10Hz - 5MHz (step by 1,3,10)
Video Bandwidth1Hz - 5MHz (step by 1,3,10)

-139dBm to -151dBm

(front amplifier-on)

-126dBm to -151dBm

(front amplifier-on)

-110dBm to -144dBm

(front amplifier-on)

-117dBm to -135dBm

(front amplifier-off)

-108dBm to -135dBm

(front amplifier-off)

-95dBm to -128dBm

(front amplifier-off)

Noise Sideband


<= -99dBc/Hz@100kHz,

<= -110dBc/Hz@1MHz

Residual Response<= -80dBm<= -70dBm
Max. Safety Input Level+27dBm
General Information
Type of Test PortN (f)3.5mm (m)2.4mm (m)
Power SupplyRechargable lithium-ion battery or power adapter
Power Consumption<=40W (excluding battery charging)
Operating Temp.-10°C to +55°C
Storage Temp.-50°C to +70°C
Max. Weight4.8kg (exluding battery)5.3kg (excluding battery)
Max. Dimensions315mm × 211mm × 97mm (excluding the handle and bracket)

Standard Package

S5105D/E/F Main Machine1 UNIT
2Standard Three-core Power Cord1 PC
3Power Adapter1 PC
4Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery1 PC
CD (user manual, programming manual, USB driver, program-controlled function library, program-controlled example, and installation file required for program-controlled function library)1 PC
6Certificate of Conformity1 PC

Optional Accessories

Part No.NameDescription
S5105-S02Antenna Test (Software)For testing RL, VSWR, Breakpoint of cable and antenna.
S5105-S03Vector Voltmeter (Software)For testing cable phase shift and electrical length.
S5105-S04USB Power Measurements (Software)

 External USB power probes can conduct precise measurement of continuous wave signal

 (need to reprovision USB power sensors)

S5105-S05Power Detection (Software)Receiving external signal at spectrum input port in order to measure signal power.
S5105-S06Field Strength Measurements (Software)For field strength measurements (need to reprovision)
S5105-S07GPS Positioning (Software)Provide geographical information such as longitude, latitude and altitude (including GPS antenna)
S5105-H01Rechargeable Lithium-ion BatteryBackup battery
S5105-H02AC-DC AdapterBackup
S5105-H04S31101A N-type Male Calibration KitDC - 18GHz, Calibrate for vector network analysis, antenna test and vector
S31101B N-type Female Calibration KitDC - 18GHz, Calibrate for vector network analysis, antenna test and vector
S5105-H06S31121 3.5mm Calibration KitDC - 26.5GHz, Calibrate for vector network analysis, antenna test and vector
S5105-H07S31123 2.4mm Calibration KitDC - 40GHz, Calibrate for vector network analysis, antenna test and vector
N (M-M) Calibration CableCalibration or Cable test
S5105-H09N (F-M) Calibration CableCalibration or Cable test
S5105-H103.5mm (F-F) Calibration CableCalibration or Cable test
S5105-H113.5mm (F-M) Calibration CableCalibration or Cable test
S5105-H122.4mm (F-F) Calibration CableCalibration or Cable test
S5105-H132.4mm (F-M) Calibration CableCalibration or Cable test
S5105-H14S87230 USB Power Sensor
9kHz - 6GHz, For high-precision power measurement
S5105-H15S87231 USB Power Sensor10MHz - 18GHz, For high-precision power measurement
S5105-H16S87232 USB Power Sensor50MHz - 26.5GHz, For high-precision power measurement
S5105-H17S87233 USB Power Sensor50MHz - 40GHz, For high-precision power measurement
S5105-H18S89101A Antenna
10kHz - 20MHz, For Field Strength Measurement
S5105-H19S89101B Antenna20MHz - 200MHz, For Field Strength Measurement
S5105-H20S89101C Antenna200MHz - 500MHz, For Field Strength Measurement
S5105-H21S89101D Antenna500MHz - 4000MHz, For Field Strength Measurement
S5105-H22S89901 Antenna1GHz - 18GHz, For Field Strength Measurement
S89401 Antenna Amplifier10kHz - 4GHz, For Field Strength Measurement
S5105-H24S71522D Attenuator(40dB,25W), For high power measurement
S5105-H25S71523C Attenuator(40dB,50W), For high power measurement
S71524C Attenuator(40dB,100W), For high power measurement
S5105-H27S71101 Adapter
N(F)-N(F), For switching between connectors
S5105-H28S71115 Adapter3.5mm(M)-N(F), For switching between connectors
S5105-H29S71116 Adapter3.5mm(M)-N(M), For switching between connectors
S5105-H30S71117 Adapter3.5mm(F)-N(M), For switching between connectors
S5105-H31S81101 AdapterN(M)-N(F), For switching between connectors
S5105-H32Soft BackpackFor carrying
S5105-H33Aluminum Carrying CaseFor transportation
S5105-H34Waterproof Safety BoxFor transportation