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S3302 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz to Max. 44GHz)

Saluki S3302 series handheld spectrum analyzer is a high frequency handheld instrument, It provides multi-functions to fullfill different requirements from users. S3302 is equipped with 8.4-inch LCD touch screen to improve display clarity and ease of operation. S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer has a compact design, very suitable for on-site measurement.

Saluki S3302 series handheld spectrum analyzer can be applied to the signal and equipment test in aerospace, microwave and satellite communications, wireless communications, radar surveillance, electronic warfare and electronic surveillance, precision-guided and other industries.


Key Features of S3302 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Wide frequency range from 9kHz to 44 GHz.
Low DANL level to -163 dBm @ 1 Hz RBW. Excellent phase noise performance. 
| Fast scanning speed.

| 8.4" color touch screen.

| A variety of measurement functions. 
| Flexible interfaces and friendly UI.


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Specifications of S3302 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer:

Frequency   RangeS3302AS3302BS3302CS3302D
9kHz - 20GHz9kHz - 26.5GHz9kHz - 32GHz9kHz - 44GHz
Tuning   Resolution: 1Hz
Reference   Frequency Nominal Frequency10MHz
Aging   Rate± 0.5ppm / Year
The   Initial Frequency Accuracy± 0.3ppm
Temp.   Stability±   0.1ppm(-10 - 50 C, with   respect to 25 C)
Scan   TimeRange:10μs - 600s (Zero   Span)
Accuracy:± 2.00% (zero span)
Frequency   Readout AccuracyFrequency Readout   Accuracy = ± (frequency readout × frequency reference error + 2% × span + 10%   × resolution bandwidth)
Sweep   WidthRange100Hz - Max.   Frequency. 0Hz
Accuracy± 2.0%
Resolution   Bandwidth1Hz - 10MHz (step 1-3   times)
Video   Bandwidth1Hz - 10MHz (step 1-3   times)
SSB   phase noise
    (CF = 1GHz)
 @ 10kHz offset<-102 dBc / Hz
 @ 100kHz offset<-106 dBc / Hz
 @ 1MHz offset<-111 dBc / Hz
 @ 10MHz offset<-123 dBc / Hz
Displayed Average Noise LevelFrequency RangePreamplifier OffPreamplifier On
10MHz   - 4GHz<-138dBm<-157dBm
4GHz   - 6GHz<-135dBm<-152dBm
6GHz   - 20GHz<-138dBm<-157dBm
20GHz   - 32GHz<-135dBm<-154dBm
32GHz   - 40GHz<-127dBm<-148dBm
Residual ResponsePreamplifier Off10MHz - 13GHz<-90dBm
13 GHz -   20GHz<-85dBm
20GHz -   44GHz<-80dBm
Preamplifier   On10MHz - 32GHz<-100dBm
32GHz -   44GHz<-95dBm
Exception   Frequency: 1.1GHz, 3.2GHz
Second   Harmonic Distortion<-60dBc   (Attenuation 0dB, -30dBm input signal)
Absolute   Amplitude Accuracy±   2.3dB (10MHz - 40GHz) , (20 C - 30 C,   30 minute warm-up)
Input   Attenuator0dB - 50dB, 10dB step
Max.   Safe Input Level+ 30dBm, typical   values (>10dB attenuation)
+   23dBm, typical values (<10dB attenuator)
+   13dBm, typical values (preamplifier on)
Reference   LevelRange: -120dBm - +   30dBm
Conversion   Uncertainty: ± 1.20dB
VSWR   of Input InterfaceUnder the condition of   reference level >0dBm, attenuator defaults
<1.5:   1 typical (50MHz - 20GHz)
<2.0:   1 typical (20GHz - 44GHz)
Test   PortS3302A / BS3302C / D
N-type   connector2.4mm connector
Other   Interface10MHz reference input   / outputBNC   Connector (F)
External   trigger input
IF   output:
GPS   antenna input
Battery   lifeapprox 2.5hrs
Power   Consumption<30W (no battery   charging)
Operating   Temp.-10   C - + 50 C
Storage   Temp.-40   C - + 70 C
Weight<5kg (without   batteries)
Dimension314 (W) × 218 (H) × 91   (D) mm  
(excluding   the handle, brackets)
338   (w) × 218 (H) × 100 (D) mm
 (including a handle, bracket)
Electromagnetic CompatibilityComply with 3.9.1   GJB3947A-2009

A Quick Look of S3302 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer:

Typical Operations of S3302 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer: