1.85mm Precision Coaxial RF Adapters

Saluki offers coaxial RF adapters with various connector types. Our precision adapters are available for measurement and test applications and production testing.

Key Features

|  Frequency range up to 65GHz

|  Mulitiple connector types 

|  Durability >500 cycles

|  Stainless steel construction for longer life 



|  Test and measurement




P/N A-End B-End Type Frequency Range VSWR
SA65FF-(1.85-1.85) 1.85mm f 1.85mm Straight (Default) DC-65GHz 1.25:1
SA65MF-(1.85-1.85) 1.85mm m 1.85mm Straight (Default) DC-65GHz 1.25:1
SA65MM-(1.85-1.85) 1 1.85mm m 1.85mm m Straight (Default) DC-65GHz 1.25:1
SA65FF-(1.85-1.85)-T 1.85mm f 1.85mm f Thread-In&water-proof DC-65GHz 1.25:1
SA65MF-(1.85-1.85)-T 1.85mm m 1.85mm f Thread-In&water-proof DC-65GHz 1.25:1


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