N Type (DC-18GHz) High Precision Calibration Kit

SCKCL18-N (calibration level) mechanical calibration kit contain precision standard devices to calibrate network analyzers in the N-type interface. This kit also contains adapters to change the sex of the test port, and a torque wrench to ensure a repeatable reliable connection.

Key Features
|  DC to 18GHz frequency coverage
|  Adapters and torque wrench included
|  Calibration standards to perform full two-port calibration


|  Site Master
|  Cable and Antenna Analyzer
|  Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)




Model Frequency Spec. List Qty.


(Calibration Level)

DC - 18GHz Open: ±1.5°
Short:  ±1.5°

Load: VSWR<1.055

Adaptor: VSWR<1.083

Open: N (M) 1
Open: N (F) 1
Short: N (M) 1
Short: N (F) 1
Load: N (M) 1
Load: N (F) 1
N(f) - N(f) adaptor 1
N(m) - N(m) adaptor 1
7mm - N(f) adaptor 1
7mm - N(m) adaptor 1
N- type torque wrench 1
Hook spanner  1


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